As the senior, tactical headquarters in the contact layer, V Corps provides training, increases readiness, and retains operational control of assigned and allocated units in order to compete across the competition continuum alongside Allies and Partners; deny adversaries in crisis; and, should conflict occur, fights and wins in Multi-domain, Large Scale Combat Operations to reestablish sovereign borders.

As America’s Forward Deployed Corps in Europe, our Soldiers, Airmen, Civilians, and Families are our key to success and empower us to adapt, innovate and drive change. We stand ready to compete in the contact layer, respond to crisis, and should conflict occur, fight and win multi-domain and large scale combat operations. Victory Soldiers will maintain a high state of physical, mental, spiritual, personal, and professional readiness. Through our humility, respect, teamwork, and strong leadership we will build long lasting relationships critical to the success of our mission
Current Status
V Corps is excited to return to Europe, allowing U.S. Army forces to support more exercises and training with our allies and partners while increasing readiness and the ability to deter potential adversaries. 

The return of V Corps to Europe enhances security in the region and reassures our NATO allies and partners of the U.S. commitment to NATO and its partners in Europe. 

The primary mission of the new forward headquarters in Poland will be to conduct operational planning, mission command and oversight of the rotational forces in Europe. It will also provide additional capability to support allies and partners in the region and help improve interoperability.

The V Corps’ history dates back to 1918, when the unit was activated during World War I in combat in France. By the end of the war, the Corps had fought in the Lorraine, St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne campaigns, and was dubbed the “Victory Corps.” 

V Corps later took part in the World War II D-Day invasion and liberation of Europe; defended Western Europe during the Cold War; saw service in the Balkans and in Iraq and Afghanistan; and has helped build U.S. bonds with America’s multinational partners across Europe. 

The motto of V Corps is "It Will Be Done." The V Corps' logo features a pentagon representing the number of the Corps, while blue and white are the colors associated with Corps flags.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Distinctive Unit Insignia